Success Stories

Johnson County Texas

The County Clerk at Johnson County was spending a lot of time looking back through commissioner’s court minutes to verify information. When was CR204 purchased? Who voted on this decision? At that time their system had a keyword search, not a string search. It also had no way to limit searches to a relevant time period. IDS’s solution made finding relevant records much easier, and less time consuming. By making the search available on the web, searches did not have to come through the County Clerk’s office, thus saving an even greater amount of county personnel time. It also proved very effective in county commissioner court meetings, by providing instant access to past decisions.


IDS is an IT outsource company located in Sulphur Springs, Texas. The typical office or local authority has several systems provided by different vendors. IDS completely links these systems together, and makes them work seamlessly across a business or local authority. This programming expertise in working with vendor API’s is what differentiates IDS from other service companies. IDS has experience in linking systems for a large variety of vendors.