About Us

Located in Sulphur Springs, Texas, IDS is a short drive from the Dallas / Ft Worth metroplex. IDS was founded in 1997 by Bill Wilder. Bill holds a computer science and business degree from Texas A & M University in Commerce. Prior to establishing IDS, Bill worked for a verity of software developers. He has over 30 years experience in software engineering, design, development, and implementation.

IDS focuses on making disparate pieces of software work with each other. Predominantly working with local authorities and regional businesses, IDS has carved out a successful niche making different systems within businesses and local government communicate, making life easier and more productive for the end users.

Dan Wilder has over 30 years of B2B sales, marketing and operational success. He has a productive track record in the design and field implementation of successful sales strategies, marketing promotions and training applications, drawing on well-developed analytical and creative problem solving and negotiation skills. Dan received his BBA from The University of Texas at Arlington.

IDS draws from a team of professionals located all over Texas. Each provides specialist expertise ranging from hardware, to security, as well as business process engineering. IDS is not just another software vendor. IDS looks at the business/government need and provides the linking pieces between legacy systems and newer applications.