"IDS streamlines the entire process so that our minutes,
supporting documents and digital audio files are organized by meeting,
archived, and published online. This product offers transparency and ease of use,
benefitting county offices, local news media, and the general public."

Sasha Kelton
Clay County Clerk
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Easy Doc

Do you have documents that need to be made available to the public or within your organization? Do these documents need to be searchable so they can be referenced? Are you legally required to post your organization's records, minutes, agendas, etc?

Developed specifically for the needs of Texas County Commissioner's Court, IDS’s “Easy Doc” makes finding and referencing records extremely easy. No longer do you have to know the exact date of a meeting. Instead type in the phrase or reference you are looking for. If required, you can limit your search within a span of years.

Once the solution is installed, records can be published, or redacted instantaneously, with no IT involvement. With an elegant and simple to use interface the program is intuitive and easy to operate. Additionally, through the use of links in the main documents, all supporting documentation relevant to any given set of meeting minutes can be included in the published records.

Uses for this include County Commissioners Court, public company compliance records, school board minutes, or incident reports.

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Custom Software

IDS has developed custom software for many applications. One of the typical applications is gathering data from disparate systems, analyzing the data and preparing a report.

Case Study: Tim-Kil (Insert logo)

Tim-Kil owns a chain of KFC restaurants. Tim-Kil wanted to benchmark their managers performances against each other. KFC corporate systems didn’t allow the same drill down on waste, inputs and outputs. The system analyzed the ingredient yield versus what was sold and determined a level of waste efficiency for each store. Tim-Kil used this system as part of their compensation structure for their store managers.

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